Putting  together your legal team

People opting out of the legal aid system no longer wish to instruct a firm of solicitors and wait to see which barrister will represent them. You are entitled to choose your trial advocate, safe in the knowledge that the case will be prepared by solicitors of quality. But where to begin? Here at Criminal Barristers London we have a collection of the finest barristers handpicked by expert solicitors. Whatever your case, you will be able to find a fantastic advocate to represent you in court. We have worked with some of them over many years and are confident that they represent the cream of the criminal Bar.

Criminal Barristers London

Criminal Barristers London  are proud to introduce a unique collaboration with a selected group of partner barristers. Clients now have the opportunity to specifically tailor the legal services that they require, to ensure a first-class service at excellent value.

Criminal Barristers London  have, and continue to enjoy a great reputation for providing national-standard criminal litigation services with an emphasis on our clients. We have offices in London, Sussex and Surrey. We enjoy a good track record of defending clients in the most complex cases throughout the entire catalogue of criminal law offences. A link to our website can be found here.

Whilst Criminal Barristers London will continue to offer our clients the very best litigation services under both the legal aid scheme and those clients whom opt to pay privately, we are mindful of the fact that the criminal justice system is evolving. Individuals and companies should ensure that they are able to access the finest expert legal advice whilst being provided a greater degree of certainty in the management of the expenses associated with legal advice and proceedings in court.

What we offer

For many years, Criminal Barristers London has regularly used a select group of barristers from a number of sets of chambers. We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with the barristers featured on this website and they have all provided a first-class service to their clients.

You are invited to consider the panel and the counsel you consider most appropriate for your case. If you require any assistance we would be happy to give it. All of the barristers listed are very senior and set out below are some examples of the work they undertake.