Silas Reid

Silas Reid is widely regarded as possessing great intellect yet remains approachable to clients. He is a leading junior barrister with 20 years’ experience of serious financial, conspiracy and appeal cases. In defending difficult cases, Silas brings natural skill, hard work and a deft touch to the most complex cases.

Particularly adept in multi- handed and factually complex cases, he has real ability to make his case distinctive and attractive. Opponents describe a tenacious, incisive and tough approach. At the same time, he brings sensitivity to those trials requiring it and is considered an excellent advocate at all levels.

Notable cases include: R v E.O-A. – Murder trial at the Old Bailey.  Following legal submissions the defendant was acquitted at the end of the prosecution case; R v J.O. – Defending in a human trafficking and “passport factory” case.  Silas demonstrated the complainant was lying about important aspects of the evidence by thorough analysis of the phone and cell site evidence; R v M.H. – A large cocaine case where allegations were made against the police that they had stolen £5,000 from the defendant, leading to an acquittal.