Homicide and Violent Crime

Murder cases occupy a unique place both at the apex of the criminal calendar and in the public consciousness. It is no surprise that such cases attract the best barristers and those at  Criminal Barristers London have conducted dozens of them.

The following are recent examples of the cases conducted by our selected counsel :  

Slobodan Milosevic

Assassination of Rafik Hariri: UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) (2009-12)

R-v-Watt – The blue lagoon murders.

R -v- X – Representing 14 year old charged with murder along with his father.

R-v-M – The Matalan murder in East London.

R-v-Mbeboh – Diminished responsibility murder case requiring a knowledge of Cameroon tribal customs.

R v S - Murder of wife

R v B - Murder of girlfriend on Boxing Day 2011

R v J and others - 25 handed conspiracy to murder involving Triads based in Soho.

R v NK & others – Multi-handed drugs related execution following gang war and several shootings

R -v- Vijashinghe (2013) – Multi-handed ( 6 Defendant ) Sri-Lankan Gang Related Murder Trial at  Criminal Barristers London – Representing only Defendant to be acquitted.

R -v- Mike Zur (2011) Murder - Lewes Crown Court - Probably the first murder case under the new legislation re partial defence s for murder in diminished responsibility cases - where Def was putting forward "Alcohol Dependency Syndrome "as diminished responsibility defence.

R-v- Simon Gold (2011) - Lewes Crown Court - Murder Case - Manslaughter, contrary to the common law and one count of administering a poison or noxious substance so as to endanger life, contrary to section 23 of the OAPA 1867. Def giving a lethal heroin injection.

R -v- Mitchell (2011) - Murder - Assisting Offender ( Execution of Victim )

R v Sharp, 2014 (defending a man charged with the murder of an acquaintance - issues, causation and participation).

R v Wright, 2014 (defending one of two men charged with manslaughter by gross-negligence in the context of positional asphyxiation - issues, proper restraint, whether negligence/gross-negligence established, causation).

R v Miah, 2014 (defending one of the three men charged with the murder of Harjit Chaggar, whose badly decomposing body was found in a shop - issues, participation).


Sexual Offences

Sexual allegations can be hugely stressful. More people than ever are being subjected to criminal investigations and a significant proportion of those arrested are being charged.

Advice at an early stage can make a critical difference to your case and if the case goes to court you will need the very best representation.

Our selected barristers have huge experience in this field and have achieved some incredible results. Below are some of the cases fought and won:

R v Williams, 2014 (defending man charged with campaign of rape in south east).

Successful defence of a teacher charged with sexual assault at Oxford Crown Court. The complainant was a former pupil.

Successful defence of a senior police officer charged with historic sexual abuse allegations upon two complainants. A re trial was ordered after a successful abuse of process application. At the re trial in relation to the remaining complainant the Prosecution was persuaded to offer no evidence.

Successful outcome negotiated for a teenager charged with rape and indecent assault of fellow students, one of whom was under 13. The defendant and the complainants were all hearing impaired. Lip readers and sign language experts were used.

R v Breedon (2013) leading in a case of sexual abuse of children

R v Etheridge (2013) again leading in a case of abuse of children

R v Mitchell (2012) leading for the defence in a case of cross generational abuse involving siblings, own children and a variety of other relatives. Concept of genetic predisposition to paedophilia. raised

R v Praill: Maidstone Crown Court  - Allegations of historic persistent sexual abuse and rapes of females.


Computer and Internet Offences (Pornography)

This area of criminal law is one of the most rapidly expanding.

The authorities have statutory powers to conduct far-reaching investigations into the so called Dark-Web. In our experience, many of our clients who have been arrested by the Police under the laws governing the possession of indecent images, are those who have had no, or very little, experience with the criminal justice system. We aim to offer robust, non-judgemental advice.     

Both the barristers on the panel and  Criminal Barristers London have conducted hundreds of cases of this type.


Financial or White Collar Crime

Serious Fraud, Business Crime and money laundering

Whilst the issues may be simple, these offences offer a challenge to many lawyers because of their sheer scale. An ability to analyse and identify key issues within a complex factual case is key in this area of practice.

Our partners have amassed a formidable reputation in both the defence and the prosecution of these types of cases:

R v Afridee -  Immigration Fraud - Conspiracy to contravene the Immigration Act.

R v F – Alleged multi-million pound MTIC fraud

R v HK – Wine Investment fraud targeting American professionals – SFO

R v KH – Multi-million pound MTIC fraud

R v K & others - Large scale mortgage fraud and money laundering resulting from self certification. Successful defence based on banks knowingly accepting false self certifications.

R v A & others – fraudulently changing ownership details at the Land Registry, then re-mortgaging the houses without the knowledge of the householders, thereafter converting the proceeds into gold bullion (never recovered).

v R, D and Ors – Advance fee fraud prosecuted by the SFO
R v SS – Multi-million pound MTIC fraud and money laundering operation
R v K – Large-scale Hawalla banking fraud / money laundering
R v R – Cheating the revenue and money laundering on a massive scale
R v Mainstone – The UK’s largest ever currency counterfeiting case
R v Duffy – Counterfeiting of Sterling and Euros on a massive scale

R v K & others – A mortgage fraud and money laundering resulting from self certification.

R v A & others – A case involving  fraudulently changing ownership details at the Land Registry.
R v B – Mortgage fraud and subsequent money laundering.

Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 Offences

Confiscation and asset recovery/Restraint and Cash Seizures

Once convicted of an offence the prosecution may sometimes instigate confiscation proceedings. The law in this area is both very harsh on defendants and complex. The default period (term of imprisonment) can in some cases be far more harsh than the original sentence and clients benefit from expert representation.

If you require help with our panel, please make contact.



Regulatory Advice and Advocacy

There are dozens of regulatory bodies in the UK today, designed to safeguard the correct functioning of its designated industry. Criminal Barristers London and some of our barristers have experience of regulatory work and we can assist with the following areas:

Bar Standards Board

Financial Services Authority

General Dental Council

General Medical Council

Healthcare Commission

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

Nursing & Midwifery Council

Solicitors Regulation Authority