Homicide and Violent Crime

Murder cases occupy a unique place both at the apex of the criminal calendar and in the public consciousness. It is no surprise that such cases attract the best barristers and those at  Criminal Barristers London have conducted dozens of them.

The following are recent examples of the cases conducted by our selected counsel :  

Slobodan Milosevic

Assassination of Rafik Hariri: UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) (2009-12)

R-v-Watt – The blue lagoon murders.

R -v- X – Representing 14 year old charged with murder along with his father.

R-v-M – The Matalan murder in East London.

R-v-Mbeboh – Diminished responsibility murder case requiring a knowledge of Cameroon tribal customs.

R v S - Murder of wife

R v B - Murder of girlfriend on Boxing Day 2011

R v J and others - 25 handed conspiracy to murder involving Triads based in Soho.

R v NK & others – Multi-handed drugs related execution following gang war and several shootings

R -v- Vijashinghe (2013) – Multi-handed ( 6 Defendant ) Sri-Lankan Gang Related Murder Trial at  Criminal Barristers London – Representing only Defendant to be acquitted.

R -v- Mike Zur (2011) Murder - Lewes Crown Court - Probably the first murder case under the new legislation re partial defence s for murder in diminished responsibility cases - where Def was putting forward "Alcohol Dependency Syndrome "as diminished responsibility defence.

R-v- Simon Gold (2011) - Lewes Crown Court - Murder Case - Manslaughter, contrary to the common law and one count of administering a poison or noxious substance so as to endanger life, contrary to section 23 of the OAPA 1867. Def giving a lethal heroin injection.

R -v- Mitchell (2011) - Murder - Assisting Offender ( Execution of Victim )

R v Sharp, 2014 (defending a man charged with the murder of an acquaintance - issues, causation and participation).

R v Wright, 2014 (defending one of two men charged with manslaughter by gross-negligence in the context of positional asphyxiation - issues, proper restraint, whether negligence/gross-negligence established, causation).

R v Miah, 2014 (defending one of the three men charged with the murder of Harjit Chaggar, whose badly decomposing body was found in a shop - issues, participation).