Sexual Offences

Sexual allegations can be hugely stressful. More people than ever are being subjected to criminal investigations and a significant proportion of those arrested are being charged.

Advice at an early stage can make a critical difference to your case and if the case goes to court you will need the very best representation.

Our selected barristers have huge experience in this field and have achieved some incredible results. Below are some of the cases fought and won:

R v Williams, 2014 (defending man charged with campaign of rape in south east).

Successful defence of a teacher charged with sexual assault at Oxford Crown Court. The complainant was a former pupil.

Successful defence of a senior police officer charged with historic sexual abuse allegations upon two complainants. A re trial was ordered after a successful abuse of process application. At the re trial in relation to the remaining complainant the Prosecution was persuaded to offer no evidence.

Successful outcome negotiated for a teenager charged with rape and indecent assault of fellow students, one of whom was under 13. The defendant and the complainants were all hearing impaired. Lip readers and sign language experts were used.

R v Breedon (2013) leading in a case of sexual abuse of children

R v Etheridge (2013) again leading in a case of abuse of children

R v Mitchell (2012) leading for the defence in a case of cross generational abuse involving siblings, own children and a variety of other relatives. Concept of genetic predisposition to paedophilia. raised

R v Praill: Maidstone Crown Court  - Allegations of historic persistent sexual abuse and rapes of females.